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Microsoft Internet Explorer works best with this site. Interactive dungeon cams will be coming late 2008. This site will be changing often, with new links and information so be sure to bookmark my site. CLICK HERE NOW to e-mail me at I hope the very slow scrolling text was extra torturous for you. It was done on purpose! What can I say, I'm a Sadist.

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Who is the woman behind the mask?


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Mistress Jenn is a sophisticated, dominant, and intense woman. She believes in edge living 24/7 but still enjoys to scene privately or publicly with both men and women.

Mistress Jenn has done demonstrations and speeches in the BDSM community on different topics as well as private training for dominants and slaves. She has been in the BDSM Lifestyle for over 10 years and has learned from the top and the bottom as an owner and a slave.

Mistress Jenn is a well rounded and skilled player but prides herself on being an owner over anything else.  She has lived in Florida most of her life but has traveled extensively over the past 7 years and currently calls Pennsylvania and Michigan home.

Her physical presence is just as a dominating as her personality. Mistress Jenn stands a towering  5'9", over 6' with spiked boots on. She is a strong, athletic, dominant woman.


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Favorite Quote: "Yes Mistress"

Yahoo Interests:

· Dominance
· Latex, Rubber, and Vinyl
· Bondage
· Lesbian
· Polyamory
· Gags
· Gor
· PonyBoys and Girls

Clubs I belong to:

· Michigan
DC area